Your kitchen cabinets are a great source for storage, but they can become cluttered and jam-packed pretty quickly. It’s tempting to just shove in containers, spices, and pots and pans when you’re in a rush. The problem is that this mess can accumulate and become so bad that you can’t find anything when you really need it. Although hiring a cleaning service can help to keep your kitchen clean, the inside of the cabinets and the organization is all up to you.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to reorganizing your kitchen cabinets, we have some useful and easy tips for the most common kitchen cabinet clutter culprits!

Organize Tupperware and Their Lids

Tupperware is probably enemy number one when it comes to messy kitchen cabinets. It’s often difficult to keep containers and the lids that fit them all together. It doesn’t help when you can’t find the right lid and you dig around in the cupboard or drawer and make an even bigger mess. Then, the lids are all over the shelves, and you can’t even find one lid, never mind the matching one!

Before you have a Tupperware tantrum in the middle of your kitchen, there’s an easy fix. Store the lids in a separate box inside the cabinet. Organize them from largest to smallest. This way you know right where to go when you need a lid. And, since they’re in size order, you’ll know where to find the right one. The trick is to stay on top of this so that you don’t end up with another Tupperware mess.

Hang Hooks Inside Cabinets

If you have roomy cabinets, hang small hooks on the inside of the cabinet door. This allows you space to hang utensils or small pots and pans. They won’t get lost in drawers and you’ll be able to find them quickly.

Organize Calendars and Keys with a Corkboard

The inside of your kitchen cabinet is also a great storage place for keys. You can even stow away a corkboard to post calendars and important papers. Many times these things get lost in the shuffle. By utilizing the space inside the cabinet, you’re making an efficient “go-to” center when people in your house need information or when they simply want to find their keys!

Consider a Plate Rack

Depending on the size of your cabinet and how many plates you need to store, consider adding a plate rack to the inside of your cabinet. This makes the plates easier to store and easier to access.

Use Interchangeable Drawer Dividers

If you have a kitchen drawer that’s exceptionally wide or long, get interchangeable drawer dividers to better organize gadgets. Since you can decide where to put them, you can organize them by the size of the space you need for your gadgets. This makes your drawer look neater and makes it quicker and easier to get the gadgets you need.

Store Wine Glasses More Efficiently

If you have wine glasses that are taking up a lot of space, store them more efficiently by alternating the direction they’re standing. One will stand with the cup part down, while another will stand with the stem and base down. This not only creates more space but makes it less likely that the glasses will clink together and break. It also makes it easier to grab a glass when you need it.

Use Shelf Risers Inside Cabinets to Get More Space

Sure you have shelves inside your cabinets, but you probably don’t have enough to properly stack dishes and pans the way you’d like. Many times, dishes and pans end up in a messy pile. When you go to grab one, a bunch fall down!

If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider using shelf risers. These fit right onto the shelf and over whatever items you already have in the cabinet. They give you an extra layer to stack items neatly. Depending on the size of your riser and cabinet, you may be able to store twice as many dishes and pans!

Use a Lazy Susan for Spices

A Lazy Susan is a practical idea to store spices because it not only keeps them organized but also keeps them all standing up so you can find them in a pinch. When you have them in a cabinet by themselves, they can get knocked over and possibly even spill depending on the container.

When you put them in a Lazy Susan, you can just spin it and find the spice you need right away.

Separate Kitchen Tools

While you may think you’re being super organized by putting all of your kitchen utensils in one drawer, you’re really just creating another mess. Do you know what tools are in there? Instead of piling all the tools in one drawer, separate them by what they’re used for. Put all of your baking tools in one drawer, serving spoons in another section, etc. This way you’ll know exactly where to go when you need a specific tool. This is not only being organized, but it’s also being efficient.

Are You Ready to Hire Cleaning Service?

Now that the inside of your kitchen cabinets are nice and tidy, it’s time to get the outside of the cabinets clean and everything else in your house clean. Hiring a cleaning service like Maid Luxe can get the job done and save you time so that you can spend it doing something you love.

The team at Maid Luxe will dust all surfaces, vacuum the floors, wipe off blinds and ceiling fans, and even make your bed! You can choose from a variety of service packages to find the one that best suits your needs. There are even add-on services available.

Whichever package you choose, you can expect a professional cleaning service at reasonable prices. To maintain the cleanliness of your home, you may also want to consider regularly scheduled visits by our Maid Luxe team.

Call us today at 713-242-8935 to get started. Once you see how clean we can make your home, you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us sooner!