MaidLuxe is a better way to keep your home clean.


MaidLuxe is a better way to keep your home clean.
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Highly Recommended

Highly recommend this service! I've used several cleaning services in the Heights, and this one is by far my favorite. The same housekeeper comes every time, so she knows my preferences and where to focus. The owner is fantastic and very responsive when I have a scheduling change to make. So glad I've found these great people to keep my home clean! - Shelley H. via Yelp (August 2019)

Best Maid Service in Houston

MaidLuxe is hands down the best maid service I have found in Houston. They are professional and diligent - from cleaning to communication with their clients! The owner has taken her time to get us scheduled for deep cleaning and laundry in a pinch (several times now!) - she schedules her team ASAP any time we call and the maids always do the work 110%. Highly recommend using this company - they are top notch in quality, offer customizations and have more than fair pricing. I plan to use them on a consistent basis now that we have moved into our new place. - DW via Google (Aug 2019)

Always on Time

Great cleaning service! Always on time for the scheduled appointment and very thorough. I highly recommend them. - Erin via Google (Jul 2019)

MaidLuxe is an amazing maid service run by true professionals. Highly recommend!
Monica B.

I love that Maidluxe provides solo cleaning. Less people in my house and I can expect the same maid every week. Much more personalized service!
Jacqueline H

Great cleaning company and staff. The difference is REAL!
Sam W