Cleaning the tub and toilet in the bathroom was ranked the number one most dreaded task by Americans. It’s understandable — it takes some work to get through!

A lot of people don’t clean it properly or end up skipping it because they aren’t really sure how to do a good job.

It’s a vicious cycle that keeps going.

No need to feel guilty if that’s you, but it’s important to know how to give your bathroom a good deep clean. It doesn’t take too long if you know how!

Follow these steps, and you’ll have everything spotless in no time.

Clear the Clutter

The first thing you’ll want to do is clear all of the clutter in the bathroom to make it easy to clean.

Clutter can affect our mental health, so try to keep the space tidy rather than returning it all to its previous place. While cleaning, put all of the clutter to one side (preferably out of the bathroom) but when you’re done, find places for it.

Whether it’s in a cabinet, or you need to get some new shelves, you’ll feel much better if most of your products are out of sight and organized. Your bathroom cleaning will also be much easier in the future.

Wipe the Surfaces

To clean surfaces, use an all-purpose bathroom cleaner. Wipe the surfaces with it and let it sit for a while.

If you want to give your bathroom the best clean possible, turn on the hot shower and leave the room with the door closed for a few minutes. The steam will take the cleaner away from the surfaces.

Wipe them down quickly with a clean cloth when you return.

Clean the Mirrors

If your mirrors have marks on them that seem stubborn or wiping them just leaves more, don’t fear.

Use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean your mirror. Use a clean cloth and, when done, wipe the mixture away with a microfiber cloth and use circular motions.

Clean the Toilet

First of all, when doing DIY cleaning, you should put toilet cleaner in the bowl first before doing the surface of the toilet. Use a brush to scrub around the inside and let it sit for a few minutes while you clean the surface.

Use your all-purpose tile cleaner for the surface, and make sure you get all around the bowl and underneath the toilet seat.

When the cleaner has been in the toilet for a few minutes, flush, and don’t forget to rinse off the brush.

Clean the Shower

If there’s any mildew in the shower, you should tackle this first. Use chlorine bleach and water (two parts to one) or a specialized cleaner and scrub it away before tackling the rest.

Leave it to sit for ten minutes after scrubbing before rinsing it away to get rid of the mildew.

When you’ve done this, you can spray your all-purpose cleaner all over the shower. Leave it to sit for ten minutes then scrub it away.

If you have stains that are harder to get rid of, such as hair dye, you can try rubbing acetone very gently on the stains. Be careful, as this can take the paint away and at this point, your best bet may be professional cleaning.

Mop the Floors

When you’ve done all of this, you can mop the floors!

Fill a bucket with warm water and a floor cleaner (you can use the same all-purpose cleaner) and get to mopping. Make sure you get in every corner and get around the appliances in the bathroom.

When you’re done, rinse with water. A slightly wet mop will do, or you can use a squeegee if you have one handy.

Use a clean towel or cloth to dry the floor as otherwise, you risk the development of mildew. This is the last thing you want, as it will make your next deep clean that much harder.

Wash the Towels

Lastly, you should gather all of the towels and wash them, including hand towels.

Use a hot, long wash for bathroom towels. Although hot washes aren’t advised for regular clothes, you should do this for towels, as they get rids of all the bacteria.

Don’t ever put them in with regular clothes!

Use a good fabric conditioner to make sure your towels come out soft and clean.

Don’t forget to clean your cleaning supplies too.

How Often Should You Deep Clean?

Your bathroom is the ultimate bacteria host, so the best cleaning advice is to thoroughly get at it at least once a week.

During the week, however, you should still make sure to do some regular cleaning tasks:

  • Clean the inside of the toilet every few days, especially if it looks dirty
  • Wipe down the inside of the shower after every use
  • Wipe off stains that may set, such as hair dye

If you do all of these tasks whenever they’re required, the weekly deep clean of your bathroom will be a much easier task to handle!

Now You Have All the Knowledge You Need!

Now you’re armed with all of the knowledge you need to deep clean your bathroom successfully! The first couple of times, it might take you a little longer to get through but before long, it’ll be a task that doesn’t take much time and is part of your regular weekend routine.

Of course, if you don’t have time or the task is too difficult, you can always hire a professional cleaning company to come and do the job for you.

MaidLuxe, LLC in Houston, Texas provides reliable and thorough cleaning services. For a quote, contact us today.