Stress was hardwired into us because, in normal amounts, it’s a good thing. It was built into our brains for the same reason fear was – to protect us. Normal amounts of stress should push us and make us alert, strong, and efficient. But when stress takes over it becomes unhealthy. Our mental health is affected because stress often morphs into anxiety and depression. Our physical health weakens because stress can cause things like heart disease and fatigue. It can also cause back pain, insomnia, and migraines.

If you’re experiencing any of these things, it might be time to reevaluate a couple of areas in your life, starting with your home life. The amount of time and energy that goes into the home is substantial, especially when you look at cleaning. The cleanliness of your home will most likely say a bit about your physical and mental health. A cleaner house often leads to the elimination of bacteria, which leads to the elimination of viruses. It leads to more open space, which can often lead to an uncluttered mind.

Needless to say, having a clean home is a great thing (for you and for your family). It’s something that will drastically improve your quality of life via your physical health and your mindset. When you have a family, it’s a necessity. But is it always possible?

Is it Time to Consider Hiring a Weekly Cleaning Service?

Self-care has been on the rise for many years now. People are starting to realize that by taking care of themselves, they’re improving their quality of life and the quality of life for those around them. Yes, cleaning is a form of self-care. But what about your social life? Relaxation? Family time? Hobbies? Life is all about balance, and you need a little bit of everything. The problem is that with cleaning, you need a lot. Not a little.

This is where weekly cleaning services come in. Having someone to help with the housework can reduce stress substantially. The Journal of Family Psychology recently conducted a study that states cleaning after work will increase stress because it decreases the body’s ability to release cortisol – a stress hormone. This means that if you work all day and come home to clean, you’re not actually helping anything. You’re placing more stress on your body and your mind. Having someone else do it for you frees up your time to do other things that matter to you.

Here are some changes you’ll notice if you hire a weekly cleaning service:

  • You’ll spend more time with your friends and family.

The average American spends about 4 years of their life cleaning. Four full years of your life are spent picking up after yourself, taking out the trash, mopping the floors, and cleaning the toilets. Imagine using that same four years to devote to your family and your friends. What kind of change would that make in the span of your lifetime?

  • You’ll feel more relaxed at the end of your workweek.

The stress of a messy or dirty home can occupy anyone’s mind, especially if you have a family to look after. If you hire a cleaning company to come in on a Friday during the day, you can spend the weekend enjoying yourself and recharging your batteries.

  • You’ll be more productive at work.

The more time you have to recharge, the stronger you’ll be when it comes to your work life. You need time to let your brain and body rest, even if it’s just your brain that’s doing all of the work during the week. The brain can often wear on the body.

  • If you’re single, you’ll probably start dating again.

Having a clean home environment frees up time for personal hygiene and exercise. When you’re feeling confident and good about yourself, you’ll start to branch out of your social circle. You’ll gain confidence and feel more “put together.” A sense of accomplishment also comes along with having your home put together. Many people place a large piece of their self-worth into their homes.

  • If you’re married, your marriage will probably start to improve.

A big part of why married couples or cohabitating couples fight is because of chores. They often argue over who should be doing what, who has done the most, and whose turn it is to do what. This is just an extra hurdle you won’t have to jump if you get a house cleaning service. This will ultimately end up freeing up time so you can do fun things with your spouse.

  • Your concentration will improve.

Your home is where you go for sanctuary. If you’re at work thinking about home and dreading the chores, your home loses that sense of peace that it was meant for. It should be your escape – not your prison. You should be able to look forward to going home at the end of the day, and if you do, you’ll be able to concentrate much better than you would otherwise. Think of going home as your incentive. Any time there is an incentive for work (whether it be a promotion, recognition, or just making a difference) you work harder and you care about it more.

  • You will pick up after yourself.

There is nothing more cringe-worthy than dropping a pile of dirty clothes on a newly-cleaned floor. If you go home and everything is clean, you’ll be much more conscientious of how you treat your things. You’re more likely to put your dishes in the dishwasher and pick up any food or trash. You’ll want to keep your home looking comfortable and nice.

Whatever it is you do for a living, having a clean home is a guaranteed recipe for relaxation. Investing in a weekly cleaning service will change your life and drastically reduce your stress levels. It’s well worth the money to try it at least once to see how you feel. You never know – it could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

If you’re ready to free up some of your time to enjoy life once again, call MaidLuxe at (713) 242-8935 to talk to us about hiring your weekly cleaning service.