If you’re one of those people who shoves everything into the closet to the point where you can barely close the door, it’s probably time to give it a good cleaning. While it’s so easy to just jam things in the closet because they’re out of sight, eventually you’re not going to be able to find anything. You may even get to the point where you don’t want to open the closet door in fear that everything will pour out onto the floor. While you may be tempted to call for maid service, you’re going to need to tackle this on your own. You can call for a maid to clean the rest of your house once your closets are clean. But we have some great tips for you to get that closet under control.

Organizing Your Closets Before You Hire a Maid Service

A maid service will take care of the day to day cleaning of your home. However, major projects such as closet organization are best done by you. Thankfully, with these tips, cleaning that closet will be a breeze.

Start in One Area. Don’t take everything out of the closet and throw it on the floor. Chances are you may not get to clean the entire closet in one day and then what do you do? You have a big mess on your floor to clean on top of your closet. That’s why it’s best to start in one area. Perhaps you want to start with the clothes that are hanging up or that are all over the floor of your closet. Maybe you have pairs of shoes all over the place or boxes of photos and papers on the shelf. Whatever it is, choose one area and move on from there.

Take Out Each Item of Clothing. Once you get to your clothing, which is likely taking up the most room, take out each piece of clothing and put it on your bed. If you just flip through hangers you’re going to leave things in there that you don’t want or need. By taking each item out, you’re forcing yourself to look at everything. This will help you decide what to keep, what to throw away, what to sell, and what to donate.

Organizing Your Clothing

Use the 6-month Rule. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing or used something in more than six months, then you probably weren’t missing it. Use this opportunity to donate it or try to sell it at a tag sale or consignment shop if it’s still in good condition. Why not try to make some money from your cleaning efforts? If you’re not sure what you’ll wear in the next six months, start by turning all of your hangers around so they seem like they’re hanging up backwards. Then, as you wear the clothing and hang it up again, hang it up the right way. In six months time you’ll see which articles of clothing you haven’t worn.

Organize Your Clothes by Color. Once you’ve decided which clothes have made the cut, organize them by color. This will make it easier to pick out an outfit and can give you a better idea of what clothes you actually have. Also, hang all of the same types of shirts in the same colors together. This will also make it easier to find a certain piece of clothing, especially if you’re late to work in the morning. Plus, it will make your closet look very colorful!

Decide Which Clothes Don’t Need Hangers. Some pieces of clothing, like sweaters, really shouldn’t be placed on a hanger because they’ll stretch out easily. Take these pieces of clothing to the side so that they can be folded and placed in a dresser. If you’re lucky enough to have shelves in your closet, you can place some of the sweaters there as well.

Other Organization Tips

Take Advantage of Alternate Storage. There are plenty of non-obvious storage areas in your closet that you may not be taking advantage of. Think about the space behind your closet door. If you have tons of shoes all over the closet floor, pick them up and place them in a shoe storage unit that can hang on the back of the door. This way you not only clean up the closet floor but also have a handy space to store your shoes. Plus, they’ll be easier to find as a pair!

Don’t Try to do It All in One Day. Cleaning your closet, especially when you’ve been neglecting it for a while, is a big job. It can become overwhelming. To avoid this, take it in small doses. Perhaps you tackle the clothes one day, shoes the next, and shelves on another day. This way you can focus on one area at a time and do a good job on each one. You will likely not get overwhelmed if you take this route.

Try Things on for Size. You probably have several items of clothing that are either too big or too small. You can keep some of the smaller ones (be reasonable here) if you’re trying to lose weight. Donate the clothes that are too big. This will be an incentive not to gain weight because then you’d have to buy a new wardrobe. If you keep some of the smaller clothes, put them in a storage box so that you can easily get to them when you need them.

Hiring a Maid Service

Once you have your closet clean, you’ll want to have the rest of your house just as clean. That’s when it’s time to call for maid service. The team at Maid Luxe will dust all surfaces, vacuum the floors, wipe off blinds and ceiling fans, and even make your bed! You can choose from a variety of service packages to find the one that best suits your needs.

Whichever package you choose, you can expect professional service at reasonable prices. To maintain the cleanliness of your home, you may also want to consider regularly scheduled visits by our Maid Luxe team.

Call Maid Luxe today at 713-242-8935 to get started and to find out how easy it is to get your home sparkling clean with our experienced maid service.