With so many bills to pay, adding another weekly bill to the mix may not sound appealing. No matter how much you’d like to, it’s hard to justify hiring a weekly cleaning service to help you with household chores. After all, you can do it yourself, right? Why pay someone to do something that you’re fully capable of doing?

Why Consider Hiring a Weekly Cleaning Service?

You might be able to do it yourself, but you’d be surprised at how many aspects of your life could benefit from someone else doing it for you. Cleaning can really take a toll, especially if you’re like the average American who spends over 15 hours per week cleaning. That’s basically an extra part-time job. There are a ton of benefits to getting help and saving you that time, and today we’re going to discuss just 7 of them.

When you finish reading, you may just find yourself asking “why not?”

  • Your time is worth the money.

Time is a valuable commodity. Every hour you spend at work is money that you can use to pay your rent, go to the movies, put towards a vacation, or go to the grocery store. You get that money because you’re spending time working, and they’re paying you for your time (and your expertise). When you’re cleaning – you’re not getting paid for that time! And what’s more, you could be using that time to spend with your family, to spend on yourself, or to spend doing things that you love. You work hard all week. You shouldn’t have to come home and work, too.

  • Professional cleaning services can find things you can’t.

People who clean for a living are experts. They know where the dust mites and the mold hide, and they know how to eliminate them. Many of these places are places you’d never think of. Imagine how nice it would be to walk on your floors knowing they’re as clean as they’re going to get. Or to take a bath knowing that the tub is 100% free of bacteria, allowing you to relax and soak with no worries.

  • Your mental health will improve.

Having a clean place to come home to is less clutter in the mind. When your space is clean, your brain is more able to think clearly and organize thoughts more efficiently. This will allow your work productivity to increase. Your family time will also feel freer and less filled with “to-dos.” You’ll be able to enjoy the little things a lot more.

  • You can finally do that entertaining you’ve been talking about since you moved in.

Having a clean space means less stress when it comes to inviting people over. Feeling bored or lonely on a Saturday? Pick up the phone and ask some friends over. You won’t have to worry about cleaning beforehand. This leaves more time for your social life and less time preparing for having a social life. You’d be amazed at how often you’ll invite friends over when you don’t have to worry about the mess.

  • If you have children, you won’t get sick as often.

Children are adorable little carriers. Schools are crawling with viruses and bacteria, and they bring it all home with them. They leave germs on the stairwells, the refrigerator doors, the toilet, and the furniture. When you’re cleaning more often, a lot of those bacteria get washed away. Your kids are less likely to get sick, and you’re less likely to get sick.

  • You deserve a reward.

It’s easy to grab a quick reward at the end of a long week at work. Maybe some chocolate or a bottle of wine. Consider paying for the housekeeping instead. You’ll get that same great feeling of relaxation – without the hangover. Not only does it make you feel good, but it’s good for This is one treat you don’t have to feel guilty about spending money on, especially because it will benefit anyone in your household or anyone that comes to visit.

  • You’ll cook more.

When you are done with work for the day, it’s hard to get that extra boost of energy to make yourself a healthy meal. If your dishes aren’t washed and your kitchen isn’t clean, you’re even less likely to cook. Cooking yourself healthy meals is essential for your health and well-being. When you invest in a professional cleaning service, you’re investing in your health. You’re investing in yourself. Imagine coming home and being able to open the cabinets and find clean pots, pans, dishes, and silverware. How much more likely are you to make good, healthy foods?

Taking the Next Steps for Hiring a Weekly Cleaning Service

Here’s what you can take away from these 7 simple benefits of hiring a weekly professional cleaning service: your overall health will improve. If you’re looking for ways to improve your health and improve your life, this is a fantastic solution for you.

Your physical health will improve because there will be fewer germs around and you’ll have more time to rest. You’ll be able to freely cook meals without worrying about cleaning your kitchen beforehand. Your mental health will improve because your mind will be free to think about other things. Your social and emotional health will improve because you’ll be able to invite friends over – free of worry.

And lastly, you really do deserve to give yourself healthy rewards. Hiring a cleaning service is not only an investment in yourself – it’s an investment for your entire family. That extra time you’re spending cleaning is time you could be spending with them. Remember that the average American spends almost 15 hours a week cleaning, which is the equivalent of a part time job. You already have a job. You don’t need another one!  If you pay to get this done weekly, you’ll have a constant source of help at your fingertips. Try it, you’ll see!

If you’d like to give hiring a weekly cleaning service a try, call MaidLuxe today at (713) 242-8935 to learn more!